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What will the bathroom of the future look like? This is a question that has been on many people’s minds, and while there is no definitive answer, we can make some guesses based on current trends. Below, we take a look at some of the trends during 2022 when it comes to bathrooms. Whether you’re a man or a woman, changes are sure to be coming. Read on to learn more.

Japandi Bathrooms Trend

There is a new trend, Japandi, with great staying power. Japandi is an interior hybrid that combines Japanese and Scandinavian styles.

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Influenced by the ancient Japanese idea of wasabi-Sabi, an aesthetic that appreciates that beauty is “imperfect, impermanent and incomplete,” Japandi also inherits the convenience and comfort of Nordic interior design. 

To achieve the most perfect Japandi space, we recommend 5 features:

  • Earthy tones
  • Luxurious textures
  • Low key lighting
  • Minimal accessories
  • Lots of natural elements

Green tones in bathrooms

We have seen many shades of green in 2022. Pastels, tinted shades, emerald, green, sage green, and more. Green is a bright way to freshen up a bathroom without overwhelming it, plus, it’s a very pleasant shade to introduce that can promote positive wellness. Bringing you back to nature with touches of color.

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Three of our favorite shades we recommend for your 2022 bathroom:

Soho London Bathroom Trend

The best way to describe this beautiful interior is a cozy luxury. If that doesn’t sum it all up, think artsy, bohemian, urban elegance with an edgy twist.

So what would a SOHO bathroom look like?

To achieve the soho look in your bathroom, you should discard any clean and clinical-looking ideas, for tile, paint, or wall design think of patterned prints that will add an extra flair to your bathroom space.

Soho decor embraces a masculine color palette with a focus on rich tones. There is no room for minimalism here. The more dramatic, the better.

Bathroom Wallpaper Revival Trend  

 This particular trend originated in the 1980s and has currently made a comeback, as it can transform any room and fill it with personality. 

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Not only does wallpaper look great, but it’s also a cost-effective way to have a big impact on your current bathroom space. These days they are manufactured for bathrooms so that they will not peel off in any way. The print themes are endless, romantic, floral, and geometric. 

Biophilic bathroom trend

As a consequence of post-pandemia, we now require an interior that instills calm and tranquility in our lives. Your bathroom is where you end and begin your day, so it’s becoming increasingly important that it’s a space that fills you with serenity.

Biophilic bathroom design is a great way to bring it back to nature. Plants are an important feature in any biophilic bathroom. They purify the air by removing air pollution, increase creativity and reduce stress, all to make you happier and healthier.

wooden structure of bathroom

If you want a more peaceful feel in your bathroom, you should think about incorporating elements of nature, and here’s what to include:

  • Plants
  • Natural materials such as wood, cork, stone, or bamboo. 
  • Stone/marble countertop quartz.

While there are many bathroom trends to watch out for in 2022, we believe that the biophilic, the wallpaper revival, and the Soho London bathroom will be among the most popular. By using natural materials, earthy colors, and sleek lines in your own bathroom remodel, you can stay ahead of the curve and give your home a stylish update at the same time. If you’re looking for more inspiration or want to see some of these trends in action before making a decision, contact us in Ark Remodeling Services, or call us at  832-909-7903. We would be happy to help you get started on your very own trendy bathroom remodel!

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