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Are you a Houston homeowner considering a kitchen remodel but unsure about the costs involved? In less than two minutes, I’ll answer that question for you so you can make an informed decision and prepare for your project.

With numerous kitchen remodeling Houston projects under our belt, and having improved the quality of life for many of our clients, we’re here to provide you with realistic estimates of what your kitchen remodel investment may look like.

To better understand the investment, we’ll break down kitchen projects into three categories: Basic, Standard, and High-End.

Basic Kitchen Remodel

A Basic kitchen remodel is ideal for those who plan to sell their Houston homes within 3-5 years and want to enjoy an upgraded kitchen before moving out. This remodel involves keeping the existing footprint unchanged, replacing countertops, adding a new backsplash, painting or refacing cabinets, and installing basic appliances. The cost for a Basic kitchen remodeling Houston project typically ranges between $28,000 and $50,000, ensuring a quick turnaround when it’s time to sell the house.

Standard Kitchen Remodel

The Standard kitchen remodel is perfect for Houston homeowners planning to stay in their homes for five years or more, seeking a comfortable, fresh, and more functional space to improve their daily kitchen routines.

This type of remodel includes replacing existing cabinets with prefabricated or custom cabinets, replacing countertops, backsplash, flooring, and installing medium-to-high-end appliances. The layout remains the same or undergoes slight changes.

Expect an investment between $55,000 and $85,000 for a Standard kitchen remodeling Houston project.

High-End Kitchen Remodel

If you desire a luxurious kitchen with high-end finishes, top-of-the-line appliances, custom cabinetry, upgraded countertops, and dramatic layout changes such as removing walls and relocating fixtures, then a High-End kitchen remodel is for you. These kitchens are designed to be showcased in luxury magazines, and the baseline investment for kitchen remodeling Houston projects starts at $100,000.

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The cost of your kitchen remodel in Houston will depend on various factors, such as the size of your kitchen, materials, and the scope of the project. However, the price ranges provided here should give you a good idea of what to expect when planning your kitchen remodeling Houston project.

If you’re interested in talking to one of our professional designers or scheduling a free consultation to discuss your future kitchen remodeling projects, please contact Ark Remodeling Services using this form or give us a call at (832) 909-7903. Our experienced team is ready to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Thank you for reading this quick guide on kitchen remodel costs in Houston. Stay tuned, stay curious, and keep learning!

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